In vitro Bank


Since 1995, we have offered to companies and plant breeders the service of in vitro culture for the entry of clones of plant varieties and for the production of disease-free material with assured genetic identity and quality.


Accredited Laboratory

Our laboratory (accredited by SAGPyA No. HI/1745) plays a fundamental role in the seed potato certification programs implemented by the National Institute of Seeds (INASE) and in the delivery of analytical information to private producers.
We conduct post-harvest tests through the diagnosis of viruses by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and of nematodes, in compliance with regulations and commercial requirements to assess seed potato quality.


Plant Clinic

Our laboratories and professional team enable an interdisciplinary approach to address the specific needs of every customer.

Plant Pathology Services:

  • Infrastructure and trained professionals for the determination of plant pathogens.
  • Clinical diagnosis by symptoms.
  • Pathogen detection directly on the affected material or by isolation in artificial culture media.
  • Diagnosis by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).
  • Diagnosis by molecular and immunofluorescence techniques.
  • Crop disease monitoring.


Molecular Biology

  • Diagnosis by molecular techniques in potato and other crops as a complement to the existing methodologies to provide faster results.
  • Detection of potato common scab.
  • New developments in response to our customers’ needs.


Our R&D division develops and implements plant disease diagnosis techniques tailored to the particular case and the customer’s needs.



We provide housing in our facilities for greenhouses owned by customers so that, with our specialized staff and technical management, the supply of pre-basic seed for their production can be assured.


Know How

Private companies, government agencies and producers, jointly or individually, benefit from our know-how and training services, which are supported by our national and international experience in the enhancement of the potato supply chain.